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Why Do Truckers Need Critical Illness Insurance?

If a truck driver is diagnosed as having a life-threatening illness, it can cause life to stop. This is a very costly and time-consuming procedure. As the patient is recovering, families are faced with financial hardship.

Critical illness insurance differs from health because it covers hospitalization expenses only. However, Critical Insurance provides a sum insured amount upon diagnosis of any critical illness. You can also get the latest updates about critical illness coverage for truck drivers through the internet.

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If taken as a benefit plan that helps meet daily expenses like loans, child's tuition, etc. Critical insurance not only covers the cost of treatment but also provides lump sum cash benefits, Only if the insured survives for at least 30 days following diagnosis of an illness.

An insurance policy covers a variety of conditions, including heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, heart valve surgery and bone marrow transplantation. These treatments can be very costly and the insured will receive a lump sum to pay for treatment. However, that money could also be used to support other family members.

Even if a policy only covers a few conditions, critical illnesses require special treatment. The family receives a fixed amount to cover the costs of treatment, and comprehensively provides protection against the cost of costly treatments.