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Who Is Required To Comply With The MHPAEA?

The MHPAEA is a law that requires most large employers with 50 or more employees to provide equal health care coverage for mental health and addiction services, regardless of an employee's age or disability.

The law applies to all employers with at least one employee who works 30 hours or more per week. You can browse this site to get self-insured non-federal governmental plans.

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In addition, the MHPAEA does not apply to government agencies, hospitals, or other types of entities that are not covered by the affordable care act (ACA).

For most employers, compliance with the MHPAEA is simple. All that is required is a policy statement outlining the company's commitment to providing equal health care coverage for mental health and addiction services. 

If an employee requests coverage for mental health or addiction services, his or her employer must provide them without discrimination based on age or disability.

If you are a participant in a pension plan that is not compliant with the MHPAEA, you may have some rights. First, you should check to see if your plan has been certified as compliant. If it has not been certified, then you may be able to receive benefits under an un-certified plan. 

Second, if your plan is non-compliant and you are eligible to receive benefits, you may be able to receive those benefits even if you do not cooperate with the government. 

Finally, if your plan is non-compliant and you choose not to receive benefits, the government may still be able to pursue enforcement actions against you. Do some research and find more information about mental health parity and the addiction equity act.