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Things To Learn About The Ice Ball Game

The Ice ball game is a new alternative to the old alley roller game. It is built to last by using an all-steel, coated with epoxy powder which ensures that every Ice ball game is a great game for a long time in any terrain.

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The method of playing is exactly as you'd think to roll the ball along the alley to make the ball to a target inside. The design of the target is based on the same alley roller rules and players can easily approach the game in a matter of minutes and learn how to play. 

What is really striking are the balls, made of extremely durable and easy-to-clean white polypropylene plastic. They appear as real "balls of Ice"!

 Ice ball units have an easy way to access the system's electronic ticket dispenser, and much more. Adjust the settings to alter points on every scoring zone for ticket payout, double score as well as extended play. attraction mode, and the volume settings. Include multiple units in the same unit to make even more money!

There are a variety of websites online that offer traditional Ice ball units available from the PrimeTime owned site. Every one of them will undergo our Certified Pre-Owned refurbishing process prior to shipping to you.

  • Some of its features include: 
  • Popular and proven alley roller that is made of all-steel.
  • It is easy to play for players of all ages however, it can be difficult to master
  • White polypropylene plastic looks like ice balls
  • Large red LED display displays the current score
  • Electronics are easy to access and numerous options for operators
  • It ships with the standard coin mechanism, as well as ticket dispenser