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The Best Allergy-friendly Plants for Your Home and Office

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Plants purify the air, add elements of visual interest, make spaces sustainable, and offer many more benefits. But do you know some plants also help treat allergies due to their abilities to absorb toxins and release oxygen? So, if you are considering décor items that don’t disturb your health because of a certain allergy, here’s the list you need to see.

  • Golden Pothos: The plant is a must on the list because it requires low maintenance and offers other benefits. Besides, NASA has listed the plant (also called Devil’s Ivy) on the list of top three formaldehyde reducing plants. Since formaldehyde is the major cause of nose, throat, and mouse irritation, the Golden Pothos is a wonderful plant for those suffering from allergies.
  • Philodendron: This plant is also wonderful at cleaning the indoor air by filtering formaldehyde. Easy to grow, the gorgeous green plant serves as an appealing point of interest. Place it around furniture emitting formaldehyde and forget the allergies.
  • Areca Palm: One of the top plants known for purifying air, the humble Areca Palm frees the air from carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene. It has big leaves to filter toxins and trap allergens. The natural humidifier can be placed in a rectangular pot to increase vapors in the air as well.

The list further contains wonderful plants like the Spider Plant, Dracaena Janet Craig, and Peace Lily. For professional advice about the best indoor plants for various needs, installation, and maintenance, you can check with professionals offering plant hire in Melbourne.