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Are Your Trees In Danger Of Falling?

While trees add shade and aesthetics to your yard, they may also be dangerous for your property when they aren't sturdy enough to support their weight. A company that provides tree removal services in Kennesaw and Atlanta will help you determine the trees that are completely safe, and which are candidates for tree removal.

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By utilizing routine tree cutting services from an ISA Arborist you will be able to assure the trees you have are strong and healthy enough to stand up to every storm to come. To determine if it's time to call the local tree service Follow these guidelines:

Be on the lookout for Dangerous Leaning

If the tree is mature and healthy, it will generally develop straight from the ground. When you are familiar with the trees that are in your yard and observe the patterns of their development and angle. If you begin to find that one tree is leaning heavily to one side or other, this could mean that it's in the process of falling over. Contact an arborist for advice on what steps to do next.

Check for split trunks

Depending on the species, a mature tree will typically have one trunk that forms the base for the rest of its branches and growth.  If the tree is sick or damaged in any way it could split into multiple trunks. Split trunks don't have the structural stability needed to support the capacity of mature trees and could indicate that your tree is at risk of falling.