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Know More About Table Lamps

Lighting is very important to keep your home looking beautiful. Lights and lamps also serve a functional purpose. Buying a table lamp is more than just choosing the first lamp that you think looks good. 

You also need to think about your needs. You can get affordable table lamps online in Melbourne from several online sources.

Table lamp

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You need to consider size, color, scale, function and performance. Your choice of table lamp depends on what lamp you want. Is it for eating and for fun? Is it for reading or for work? Or just for additional lighting?

The following tips are designed to help you choose the best table lamp for your needs.


If you want a table lamp as a decorative accent or for general lighting (ambient light), almost any size is fine, as long as it fits the room. If you plan to use a reading light, this must be taken into account when choosing. 

Reading under the light of a small decorative lamp can be very bad and frustrating for your eyes! If you want mini lights or even several, there are many available.

Color and style

Today, you can buy lamps of almost any color or style. Great idea to combine table lamps with your decor. For example, if you have a peach-colored room, a peach-colored table lamp can add a nice accent and blend into the décor. 

If you prefer an antique look, a Tiffany style lamp can look great. Tiffany lamps were popular in the 1970's and are now making a comeback thanks to their timeless style.