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Solutions For Modern Furniture Designs for Security Control Room

A variety of solutions have been used over the years to increase the productivity of administrative office operators. Security control room has just been added now to add more security. 

Finding a Security Solution for a Control Room

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The following points should be considered when designing suitable furniture for the job:-

Elevated HMI:- The main objective in control room switch design is ergonomics, which ensures effective interaction between operator and staff and equipment without restrictions and stresses (HMI). The table in the control room must be set to a suitable height. 

The size of the display text and images should be increased to simplify the display. There should be sufficient light for reading and writing. All equipment should be easily accessible and equipment and materials should be stored comfortably.

Hassle-free navigation system:- Regardless of whether one large screen or network connected display system is used, a robust navigation system should be used which allows the operator to switch seamlessly between multiple monitors and software.

Display walls:- Where possible, large screens or video walls should be used to increase the amount of important information obtained for monitoring and collaboration for training and problem solving. The number of employees, distances and viewing angles must all be considered when selecting an appropriate display technology.

Video surveillance and telecommunications equipment:- The integration of video surveillance and telecommunications equipment offers a further level of information exchange and convenience. Operators must control cameras and recorders and be able to respond to problems as they arise.