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Top Reasons To Consider A Same Day Crown

The acceptance of modern technology by dentists has also helped in improving the quality of treatment. Same-day crowns have come as a great boon to mankind where people are saved from numerous visits to the dentist for getting crowns done.

Here are six reasons you should consider the same-day crown:

1.) It's a time saver:  A crown usually requires two appointments. One to prepare the tooth and take impressions for the laboratory to make the crown. The second appointment is to place the crown. There is no need to make another appointment for same-day crowns. You can save tons of time by having the crown made and placed in-house.

2.) Less local anesthetic: You will need fewer trips to the dentist to get shots of Novocain and other anesthetics to numb your lips.

3.) It is cost-effective:  The same-day crown costs the same as traditional crowns that are shipped away. However, it will save you money in many other ways.

4.) Metal Free: These crowns do not contain any metal components. This is great news for those with metal allergies.

5.) Dental Control: Dental Control. Your dentist is someone you trust and can control the shape of your teeth, rather than a technician from a lab.

6.) Reduced cutting: You don't have to remove as much natural tooth structure with CEREC technology or traditional crowns.

If you are faced with a dental emergency, there is no need for panic. Your dentist can make your smile look great with CEREC technology.