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Important Tips For Getting Your Retractable Awnings Installed Properly In Phoenix

Plan and prepare awning measurements or area estimates. You need to know the area of awning projection, or how much space your new retractable awning may require. In doing so, you’ll be able to anticipate if there are any obstructions in the way which may not allow your awning to extend properly. Therefore, it would be best if you hire an installation expert for commercial retractable awnings installation in Phoenix AZ.

This knowledge will also allow you to revise your plan to overcome these challenges. If you are limited by location or structural considerations, now is the time to resolve these limitations with your weather armor retractable awning expert.

Consider retractable awning mounting alternatives. Finding the height, elevation, or location a challenge? Ask your specialist for advice on how to mount your retractable awning in the area of your choice. 

Consider part of your outdoor ceiling or an overhang as an alternative, or even free-standing retractable awnings. They carry a complete line of retractable awnings with modern designs like freestanding retractable awnings that may be custom designed to fit and suit your home’s space. 

Each retractable awnings manufacturer will have its own hardware, brackets and accessories, and specific directions for installing awnings. Our factory-trained professional installation specialists ensure the proper mounting of your retractable awnings. Our installation specialists are fully qualified and experienced to help install your awning on any mounting surface.