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How To Choose Glasses Lenses?

Possibly the most important part of the eyewear buying process is choosing the right glasses lenses. The quality of your lenses, their attributes, and their coatings all contribute to how happy you are with your eyeglasses.

There are so many options on the market today that it can be difficult to decide which type of eyeglass lens is best for you and your unique lifestyle. You can also browse to buy PSVR prescription lenses online.

This Lens Guide will help you better understand the options available to you and help you choose lenses and coatings that suit your preferences and lifestyle.

Choose a lens:

Visual needs

The lens you choose is primarily determined by the vision-correcting properties you are looking for. Depending on your visual needs, you will need a single-focus or multifocal lens. For many people, single vision lenses correct their vision adequately, either for distance or for reading.

Distance to view

If you are among the 42 percent of the American population with myopia, you can seek a prescription for distance vision lenses to improve your vision. If you wear distance-correcting glasses, your vision will start with a (-) and your lenses will be concave or curved inward to properly correct your vision.

One time reading

Reading lenses are designed to help you see things up close, usually between 30 and 40 cm (11.8 to 15.8 inches). These lenses are convex or curved outward and are suitable for people with formulations starting with (+).

 Although single vision lenses work with most eyeglasses, your eyes can be unique. If you have trouble seeing near and far, you may need bifocals or multifocal. These glasses correct your vision at multiple distances so you can see clearly – both up close and from a distance.