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Lets Talk About a few Differences Between Organic and Non-Organic Foods

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Organic and non-organic are probably the 2 most popular food types available in the market. However, when it comes to choosing between the 2, things can get a little confusing. At first glance, some will say to opt for organic while others will recommend you to get into non-organic food. So, who is the real winner here? You can decide on your own with the help of these differences. 

  1. Organic Food – In the growing stage of organic food, manure and compost are the fertilizers used along with organic farming techniques. Plus, very few chemicals are used for the manufacturing of such type of food. Fewer chemicals are used since the organic farming technique used methods such as tilling, crop rotation, hand weeding, and mulching. To get rid of the pests, birds, traps, and insects are widely used. 
  2. Non-Organic Food – This type of food is produced totally differently from organic food. Pesticides, herbicides, and many other chemicals are used for producing this type of food. 

To understand a little in-depth about the differences, here are a few advantages organic food holds over inorganic food. 

  1. Since natural fertilizers such as manure and compost are used in the production of organic goods, the soil can maintain its fertility. 
  2. Less wastage of water, less creation of pollution, less use of chemicals, and more can be achieved with the help of organic farming techniques. 
  3. Animals too can experience natural growth without the use of chemicals and hormones. 

Organic Shops Brisbane is becoming more and more popular.