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A Simple Guide On How To Apply Nail Polish Properly

Manicured nails attract a lot of attention and add more definition to any look than anyone can imagine. Whether you buy nail polish online or offline, there are so many pretty colors and shades that can instantly perk up your nails. There are many nail polish sets on the market as well. For more information about nail polish packs, you can visit this site.

However, with fast-paced lives, regular salon visit does not seem like a very budget-friendly and viable option for most of us out there. 

So there are some steps to apply nail polish properly:

Step 1

First and foremost, you need to get rid of the old paint from your nails with the help of a non-acetone remover. Acetone is a strict no-no as it is extremely drying and can make the nails yellow and brittle with time. So, use a cotton ball and a remover to remove the old nail paint. 

Step 2

In this step of your manicure, you have to apply a base coat. We often tend to ignore this step, but it is crucial as it not only makes the paint stay on the nails for a longer period of time but also protects them from staining. So, apply a thin layer of base coat and let it dry.

Step 3

Now, take your favorite nail paint and gently apply a thin coat on all the nails. Make sure that for this first coat, you apply just enough nail paint to get an even finish and not more than that. Now let this first coat dry. Once it is dry, apply a second coat of nail paint.