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Meditation Products – Important Things to Buy

Some people cannot just sit still while practicing meditation; They also need special products to help them improve and focus on the experience. This includes things like Tibetan singing bowls, mandalas, statues, incense sticks, guided meditations, music CDs, etc. 

They can be purchased at any New Age or spiritual store, or through hundreds of websites online. This article describes some of the meditation products. However, there are several sustainable wellness stores that provide the best and most high-quality meditation products.  


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Pillows and mats for meditation

This pillow is most often used by Zen Buddhists. They help you sit up straight and take a proper meditation position. They are practically inexpensive and are available in a variety of colors you can choose from.

Music and sounds for meditation

Meditation music CDs are available in all genres of music. They help you focus and adjust to a deep meditative state. Actually there is no prescribed type of music for meditation. It's all a matter of your taste. You can play whatever music you think suits you best during your meditation practice. 

Tibetan singing bowl

Tibetan singing bowls are used among Tibetan Buddhists to create a harmonious and sacred space. If you gently hit the bowl, a buzzer will sound to help calm you down. It is best to use this bowl to mark the beginning and end of your meditation practice.


The statues that are most often used for meditation practice are usually Buddha statues in various positions. However, if you believe in Hindu gods like Ganesha or Krishna, you can also use. These statues symbolize our higher consciousness and should be respected and honored when participating in meditation practice.