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Tricky Questions For Kitchen Designers in Auckland – Homeowners Should Ask

Designer kitchens can look fantastic, but they need to be properly planned and executed. Even if you have an unlimited budget, if you don't ask the right questions of your design team, you could end up stressed and unsatisfied with the finished project. Fortunately, here are some of the tricky questions you should know to ask.

What Are the Building Rules?

When choosing kitchen designers, Aucklandhomeowners are often so concerned with colours and finishes, that they forget that there are building codes and rules that need to be followed. You can also contact professional kitchen designers in Auckland online.

The Australian and state regulations are in place to ensure safety and protect everyone during your renovation. Unless you want to run into problems, your design team should be aware of the regulations that apply to your project and know how to ensure compliance.

How Should the Doors and Drawers Open?

It seems like a minor detail, but the hardware on your new cabinets and drawers are vital to the functionality of your new kitchen. When considering designer kitchens, Auckland homeowners may be dazzled by the aesthetics and fail to consider the practicalities.

You need hardware that not only looks consistent and elegant but offers practical functionality. This may mean choosing coordinating handle styles to suit the different size and shapes of the cabinet and drawer fronts.