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Why Aren’t LED Lights in Your Home Yet?

Conventional LEDs have been used for displays for decades. The inherent advantages of LED technology are known and documented and include maintenance and energy savings as well as performance.

There are other features also that electronics experts take for granted such as durability, reliability, longer life and constant color brightness. You can now easily find reliable LED lighting from Ligman Lighting.

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Are LEDs suitable for commercial and private lighting?

LEDs are probably the most energy efficient light source ever. In this regard, LEDs in the traffic light industry have resulted in energy savings of more than 80 percent. However, in this application, LEDs have two natural advantages:-

1. LEDs are monochromatic, so almost all of the light they produce is used up. Instead, the white light produced by a light bulb must pass through a color filter. Light beyond the frequency of the colored lens is lost.

2. The LEDs are aligned so that almost all of the light they produce is emitted into the lens. Instead, the light from the bulb has to be reflected onto the lens, leading to a loss of efficiency.

Commercial and residential lighting applications achieve similar, if not more, energy savings by switching to LEDs. However, most applications are not as simple as filling a circuit board with a series of directional red, yellow, or green LEDs. 

The LED lighting and upgrade packages must be designed so that the directional light produced by the LEDs is distributed over a large area. In addition, although it continues to improve, white LED technology still lacks the visual color and brightness that consumers are accustomed to from incandescent lamps.