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What is a clubfoot deformity of the foot?

A clubfoot can be a reasonably common disorder with the foot that is traditionally present following birth. The presence of a clubfoot at birth could be a source of worry for the families. The clubfoot may be a part of a syndrome of other problems or it might just be an isolated deformity that just affects each or just one foot. The clubfoot is generally apparent and easy to diagnose.

The management of a clubfoot depends upon if this is an isolated clubfoot or a part of a wider problem of other issues. Normally and frequently, the isolated clubfoot deformity which is more flexible is addressed with what is called the Ponseti approach. A lot more rigid clubfoot or clubfoot deformity linked to other issues are generally addressed with a surgical method.

Using the Ponseti protocol to treat clubfoot deformity the physician will typically move and change the baby’s foot posture into a much more suitable placement and then put the foot into a cast to keep the foot in that more ideal position. Weekly for several months the foot alignment will be further manipulated and forced into a better placement to help keep attempting to move the foot alignment perfectly into a more normal corrected position and then the plaster splint reapplied to hold it there for another 7 days. Often there could have to be a minor surgery treatment to elongate the Achilles tendon as which can be often so restricted. This mini Achilles tenotomy will commonly be performed towards the end of the process of the manipulation and casting. When a a lot more usual foot shape and alignment is accomplished, there are several things which really need to be done to help in keeping this position. This would consist of still undertaking stretches. Specialized shoes and braces may need to be used for as much as several years.

If the foot deformity is more inflexible or if the manipulation and casting method does not help, then complicated surgical procedures are frequently carried out to fix the clubfoot.