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Caskets – General Information on Funeral Caskets

Casket, in Chambers Dictionary, means chest box, case coffer or jewel-box. It's a noun or name that could be used to refer to any of these items. More often than not nowadays "casket" is an item utilized to commemorate the burial of the body of a person who has passed away.

Caskets can be found in a variety of types, such as cloth-cushioned solid and pure metal, wood as well as urns, keepsake boxes and Jewish caskets that are free of metal components. You can also buy high-quality caskets from

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Pure wood caskets are Ash Wood, Oak Wood, Mahogany Wood, Cherry Wood Caskets, Maple Wood, Pine, Walnut Wood, Elm, Cottonwood or Poplar Wood Caskets. The majority of hardwoods are used for this purpose. Metal caskets are usually constructed from stainless steel and copper, or bronze.

The quality and composition of a casket determine the price. The cost of caskets can be wildly different depending on the materials employed to build them. For instance, a Fiberboard one is less expensive and more expensive than one made of Mahogany wood one. Of the caskets made of solid wood, Pine Caskets are the most affordable.

The majority of wooden caskets are handmade finished, polished, and then coated to look glossy and appealing to customers, and consequently a higher cost can be imposed. Pine Caskets because they are inexpensive are not often displayed. A square feet of weight is what determines the price of Copper or Bronze caskets. The stainless still ones are priced based on their thickness or gauge.