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Window Air Conditioner: Is It Effective At Cooling You Down?

Is the heat in your home difficult to bear when the outside temperatures are high in summer? We may have a solution for you: the window air conditioner! Very popular across the Atlantic, it is an economical monobloc device, which is easy to install in a window. However, is it really effective? We tell you everything!

How does a window air conditioner work?

The window air conditioner is a one-piece device, that is, unlike a standard air conditioning system, it has only one indoor unit, but no outdoor unit.

It comes with different elements to be able to function: an exhaust pipe, a drainpipe, and a caulking kit. It is installed at the level of a previously caulked window in order to prevent heat from outside entering, but also so that the freshness generated by the device does not escape. As for the pipes, they ensure the rejection of hot air to the outside.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a window air conditioner?

Does this device appeal to you? Get to know it a little better through its advantages and disadvantages!


  • Easy to install,
  • Easy to use,
  • Removable,
  • Economic,
  • No maintenance required by a pro.


  • Suitable for cooling a single room,
  • Sometimes heavy and bulky,
  • Rather noisy.

You can check out consumer reports for best window air conditioners available on the market.

A removable and economical system

First of all, the less bulky window air conditioner models are praised for their flexibility: easily transportable, they can be installed in any room, depending on the needs of the home.

This advantage must be linked with the ease of installation of this device. Thus, there is no need to have special technical skills to set it up. It is therefore quite possible to install it yourself.

Finally, a window air conditioner is not that expensive, and once you buy it, you don’t have to pay for anything else in the future.