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Exceptional Cigars That Won’t Break The Bank

It is difficult to obtain a complete picture of cigar-smokers in America because it is considered a niche player within the tobacco industry. The Centers for Disease Control conducted the most recent survey and found that Americans smoked about 13.1 million cigarettes in 2008. The survey also included those who smoke best american cigars, cigarillos, and clove cigarettes. According to the survey, only 1% of Americans smoke cigars over 4 inches in length.

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There are many types of cigar smokers, even though the number of cigar users is shrinking. Cigar smoke is not inhaled so they aren't as addictive as cigarettes. They are certainly not good for you, but we don't think they can be. Because they aren't as chemically dependent as smokers of cigarettes, cigar users rarely smoke more than one stogie per day.

Price is often a concern for those who smoke multiple cigars per day. A premium cigar or hand-rolled cigar costs between two and twenty-five dollars. Experts and connoisseurs alike are quick to point out that you can find enjoyable products at lower prices.

What should you look for?

We do not recommend machine-rolled cigars. Even a tyro could tell the difference between a machine-produced cigar and one hand-rolled. The filler is what makes the cigar's flavor. It contributes approximately sixty percent. Short filler is what machines use to make stogies. It's basically dried up tobacco leaf. This filler is much more efficient.

A handmade cigar, on the other hand, uses long filler. This can contain up to five types of tobacco leaves. This filler is far more flavorful than the shorter version and burns twice as long. When you consider the longer smoking time, premium cigars are often cheaper than machine-rolled brands.