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Weatherstripping & Caulking Tips For Windows & Doors In Omaha

To save energy costs, cracks, gaps, and openings, especially in the area of doors and windows, where cold air penetrates or warm air escapes, must be closed. An effective DIY project is gluing and caulking.

They want to find out where the air is coming in. It works best when it's windy outside and there's a temperature difference between inside and outside. To get more details about caulking companies in Omaha, you may see it here.

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First, run your hands over the edges of the doors and windows to feel the breeze. Then use a simple, proven method to identify leaks and minuscule air leaks by lighting and extinguishing a candle flame to produce smoke. The smoke provides a smoke trail to identify air movement.

There is also an old rule that often proves true. Where you find a cobweb, you will most likely find a current nearby.

Tires, caulking, and in some cases poor pressure box foam are the solution to most of these energy wasters.

Other than any surrounding doors and windows that pass through the outer walls, such as

— The connection between the brick chimney and the wall is often neglected.

— Only glue joints and gaps that don't move. The silicone seal is flexible, but the movement is only a fraction of an inch.

Remove any remaining putty material, then clean the gap—the area to be resealed—with a stiff, non-metallic bristle brush. Be sure to remove organic growth such as mold.