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Buy The Purified Bottled Water

You might expect articles on how good bottled water is for you and your health and how to account for it, non-carbonated drinks, and other soft drinks. And in fact, from a medicinal point of view, drinking purified bottled water is without a doubt the best thing you can do. Water is still the healthiest drink as long as it's not adulterated in its original state and no pathogens have gotten into your cup.

Injection Molding of Bottles

You may wonder why someone should reconsider their position on bottled water. Well, your health is not the only thing you need to pay attention to. 

Even if the water bottles are not dumped into rivers, very few areas have their own plastic recycling facilities, and because the process is expensive, plastic bottles are usually stockpiled with all the trash. Plastic is very harmful to the environment and takes decades to disappear.

The bottled water business is very large. They pay 15 billion a year. Americans spend more on bottled water than buying iPods or watching movies. Unfortunately, the recycling business is much smaller and both the public and the government are less aware of the environmental impact of plastic waste. It can be said that more and more people are realizing this but ultimately very little change in certain actions 

The funny thing about bottled water is that in some cases it's no healthier than tap water. While unfiltered tap water can be a problem, filtered tap water is certainly better than tap water because you can be sure that your water is coming from a filtered source.