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Disability Accessible Pools- Designing Pools For Accessibility


For some people, handrails can offer that extra peace of mind. Whether they’re attached to steps leading into the pool, a slope going into the pool, or simply around the perimeter where falls are a risk, these sturdy additions from the company of best disability accessible pools via ensure those with a disability or mobility issue can enjoy the space and enter a pool on a surer footing.

Zero Entry

A zero-entry pool – sometimes referred to as a beach entry pool because of the way it mimics the slope of a beach into the water – means anyone can walk into the pool using the long, sloped entry point. 

Not only does this make entering and exiting the pool easier and less strenuous if you have limited mobility, but it’s also a great way to gradually introduce young children to the pool. They can take their time and splash at the edge, much like with the ocean on a beach. 

Pool Lifts

A pool lift ensures everyone will be able to enjoy the pool. Incorporating a pool lift means using either permanent or portable equipment at the edge of the pool. 

This way, wheelchair users can transfer into the pool lift seat and be lowered into the water safely. The lift can then also be used to exit the pool in a similarly safe manner, allowing anyone to make use of your brand new pool with ease!