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Things To Consider Before Buying Artificial Grass

Synthetic turf is an alternative to grass. These surfaces can be made with synthetic materials for a variety of purposes.

Artificial turf can be used in residential and commercial landscapes. It can also be used to create sports fields.

Here are a few things you should consider before buying turf:

Pile Height: The pile height is the distance between the backing and the tip of the grass blades. If you desire a lush lawn, it may be logical to choose turf with a higher pile height. Longer grass blades are heavier and will bend due to gravity. This will result in your lawn looking flattered as the years go by.

A pile height between 30-37mm is the best option to keep your lawn looking natural. A shorter pile height will give you better durability if you plan to place furniture on the turf. No matter how high your pile is, it is important to brush the turf regularly to keep them upright.

Density and weight: Turf density refers to the amount of yarn or fiber per square unit. Turf with a dense content of yarn will be more costly.

Dense turfs add beauty to your lawn and are more durable in areas with heavy traffic. You don't have to buy dense turf. However, sand infill can improve the longevity and performance of turfs with lower density.

Color: Synthetic grass is available in many shades, including olive, lime, darker, and other colors. You can tell the difference between synthetic grass and natural grass by their single, flat colors.

Avoid too-perfectly green turfs. Instead, go for the imperfect. Choose a turf with a variety of shades and brown flecks.