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Mistakes In Investing in Commercial Real Estate And How To Avoid Them

You may have heard of the commercial housing bubble. This is the bad truth you don't want lenders and other insiders to know. Despite all the advertisements, not every commercial property is problematic. 

The key for you as an investor is to avoid certain pitfalls and learn from the mistakes of other investors. You can now be in touch with the best real estate agent to search for commercial property for rent via

Commercial Properties

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Before the economic and credit boom that led to the recent downturn, the limited credit of conventional lenders accounted for 65 percent of the property value. This means that your $ 10 million commercial property is eligible for a maximum loan of $ 6.5 million.

Current problems with commercial real estate investing began when hedge funds and private equity lenders began offering much higher loan-to-value ratios, meaning they could take out a loan on your investment property for up to 80 percent of the property's value. will forgive. Property.

Commercial Investor Mistakes:- Some investors have chosen to refinance their $ 10 million commercial property to $ 8 million and get $ 1.5 million tax-free!

What seemed like a lot of things back then came back to destroying the typical commercial real estate investment. The problem is, these loans have to be refinanced after five years. Owners who withdraw money from their investments in this way embarked on the path leading to the problems we now see.