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How to Choose an Adventure Course

When you think about adventures, what comes to mind? Probably someplace exotic like Africa or the Amazon rainforest. But there are plenty of equally amazing places to go for extreme fun right in your own backyard.You can get adventure course ideas via Here are our top picks for the best extreme adventures for kids:

1) Go climbing! There are dozens of great climbing areas all over the country, perfect for families with kids of all ages. The climbing can be a bit challenging, but it's also really rewarding when you conquer a new climb.

2) Fly kites! There's just something about flying a kite that makes kids happy. And there are plenty of great places to fly them – from open fields to high atop mountains.

3) Go swimming in cold water! Swimming in cold water can be a bit scary at first, but it's also really exhilarating once you get the hang of it. There are plenty of places to go swimming in cold water – from lakes and rivers to the ocean.

4) Ride roller coasters! Roller coasters provide an intense rush that's sure to keep kids entertained. There are plenty of great amusement park rides out there – from small-town amusement parks to larger theme parks.

Whether you're looking for a day out with the kids that will keep them entertained for hours on end or something that is a little more tame but just as thrilling, this list has got you covered. So whether you're gearing up for an adventure camping trip or planning your next family vacation in wild and new places, make sure to check out our top picks.