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Sustainable Timber A Quick Introduction to the Eco-Friendly Timber

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Forests provide a lot for humans to survive like biomass fuels, firewood, fruits, and more. In addition, the beauty of the wood also comes in use for creating furniture and other decorating items. However, the valuable natural resources (forests) that provide this much to humanity aren’t in good shape, especially after the industrial revolution. Although wood is a renewable resource, it might disappear if not taken properly care of.

That’s why various government and non-government organizations have started using sustainable practices for timber harvesting and forest management. Here, we will learn more about sustainable harvesting and various certifications that testify to the organizations involved in the timber business.

What is Sustainable Timber?

It covers approaches that ensure responsible harvesting of timber. In short, it refers to the practice of replacing a tree with a new one when the existing one is cut down for use. But that isn’t the only purpose of sustainable forestry. It also includes practices to ensure that activities involved in timber harvesting and use are not damaging the environment, ecology, or the native flora and fauna. And when buying timber products, buyers can check for the sustainability of the source forest through the following certifications:

  • AFCS (Australian Forest Certification Scheme) combined with Chain of Custody Standard ensures reliable and responsible forest management throughout the supply chain.
  • PEFC (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification) promotes sustainable forest management through 3rd-party certification by endorsing and tailoring national forest certification systems to local conditions.
  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certifies forestry operations based on internationally agreed Principles of Responsible Forest Management.

However, if you are planning to start a timber business with a private native forest, you should get forest assessments done beforehand to ensure you are on the right track.