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Sunless Tanning Products – Getting the Best Summertime Tan

Sunless tanning lotions are fantastic safe ways to get that sun-kissed look this summer. Many of them have sunscreen allowing you to play it safe when you venture outdoors this season. They are relatively easy to apply, and many of them can last all day, or even up to a week or so. A salty fake freckles product makes your skin tone look healthier, golden, and can even make you look thinner.

It is so dangerous to just lay out in the sun and bake. Skin cancer is a serious issue, and one best avoided by simply staying out of the sun. As a kid, I would watch my beautiful Mediterranean aunt lie out in the sun with only dark tanning oil, and an album covered in aluminum foil to direct the rays of the sun to her face. She always managed to get a lot of suns, but as I got older I began to realize how really damaging the sun can be.

Not only is the sun dangerous to your skin, but it can also age you many years ahead of your time. Living in sunny ara I have seen many women with leathery faces, deep wrinkles, sunspots, and dark moles from too much sun exposure. They look at least 15 years older than their true age. Even tanning beds seem to have the same effects on people.

Even though my skin is golden in color, I stay out of the sun unless I am covered in sunscreen with a high SPF (sun protection factor). When I want to go out in a pair of shorts, or a mini skirt, I simply apply my favorite sunless tanning lotion. I love the dark golden shimmer of a fake tan, and they usually smell nice like summertime.