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Primary Care: What It Can Do for You?

Primary care is essential for all age groups. A primary care provider may be needed when you have a medical emergency. Although they are often called family doctors or general practitioners, primary care doctors can also be known as nurse practitioners or physician assistants. 

They are often employed by health-maintenance groups or walk-in clinics and they are, in many ways, the gatekeepers to your healthcare. Here are some facts to help you decide if you need direct access to your doctor.

A primary care doctor can be a college graduate who has completed four years of medical school, followed by rigorous postgraduate training that included at least one year as an intern in a hospital. After that, he can open an office that specializes in family practice, general medicine, or pediatrics.

 They provide medical care for your family members. Although they don't offer any specializations in medicine, most can provide first-line care for illnesses.

Your family physician will ask you to describe your symptoms. Then, your medical history will also be taken. The doctor will perform a physical exam and order any laboratory tests or radiographs.

Primary care doctors are an integral part of our healthcare system. They are essential to ensure that everything runs smoothly. If you have ongoing medical problems You might want to look into finding one in your area.