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Plumbing Fittings in Common Use

In plumbing, standard equipment such as compression plumbing fittings are used for these particular purposes: to adapt two or more different segments of the size pipe, connect the bent or straight tubing section and to adjust the flow of water by using an assembly equipped with valves Click here to shop.

Valves can be considered as fittings but are usually referred to as separate categories. Plumbing fittings , just like their pipe material counterparts, can be of metal or plastic bases. However, when fitting a movable valve will generally be made of metal, most of the brass. List of industry standard pipe fittings are tees, elbows, crosses, hats, thorns, nipples and plugs. This fitting is in all forms and sizes.

Types of Pipe Fittings and Their Uses | Ben Franklin Plumbing Houston

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General pipe fittings are common but more involved are used for very specific purposes. For example, a plumber will install a clean-out that allows someone to easily open and clean the drain which is hampered without extra work to remove existing pipe fitting. Cleaning is placed in a location that is strategically easy inside and outside the building structure.

Steel, especially stainless steel compression tube fittings are used in a very vulnerable environment to corrosion. Where liquids or gas are necessary in the transportation tube system and the fixture that is sealed in absolute leakage, stainless steel is the first ingredient that is well considered.

Also the material is selected for most petrochemical and food processing applications, stainless steel fittings, connectors, braces and pipes can also be found reliable with minimal inspection, replacement or maintenance.

The most striking advantage in using compression tube fittings is the ease of installments with the same, expert results as delivered by professional plumbers.