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Most Prefered Cuban Cigars And Factory Tour

The number of cigar lovers is gradually rising with cigars turning to be fashionable again. These are produced in many areas of the world but the most preferred species are Cuban cigars because they are identified on the whole. 

You can experience how these popular cuban cigars are manufactured by visiting cuba cigar factory tours .


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With the large number of replicated those around run around the market, here are some things to note when looking for authentic Cuban cigar:

  • Buy cigars merely from reputed Cuban cigars store.
  • Trust your instincts: If the cost seems too high to be true, in which case it may be. If you are new to cigars on the market, the costs for various classes of Cuban cigars find out something to sell put a huge cost reduction is most likely fake.
  • Check the package to ensure that it is tightly sealed and marked on a warranty seal. Stay away from buying cuban cigars that come in boxes that are smashed or fumbled.
  • Check the cigar by smelling when you are allowed to open the package. Authentic Cuban cigars have extremely rich and strong fragrance, and if you have some familiarity you would decipher easily, what is authentic and what is fake. Only gentle pinch should show that it is soft and its surface even