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How to Build a Wireless Digital Home Audio System with Apple iTunes

We want music around the house, but too often our digital music gets stuck on our computers and we can't enjoy it in other rooms of the house. Building a multi-band wireless audio system is now very easy and affordable.

To bring their music into the room, a common solution is to pair an Apple iPod or iPhone into a special pair of speakers. However, the quality of these speakers is limited and your iPod or iPhone is designed as a portable device that shouldn't be tied to a single room in your home.

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A better way to enjoy your digital music at home is to create a multi-zone wireless audio system. We were able to build this wireless music system using Apple iTunes and the new Apple AirPlay technology.

After connecting your speakers, select music from your iTunes library on your computer, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and select the speakers that will play the music. You can select multiple speakers and listen to your music in different rooms at the same time.

Building a wireless digital home audio system with Apple AirPlay is very affordable. Using AirPlay to listen to Internet radio, Rhapsody, or other music services isn't that easy, but there are tricks and techniques to play these audio streams through your wireless home audio system.