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How Dyslexia Is An Ability Not A Disability

Many people have misconceptions about people with Dyslexia as they consider it to be a disability. People need to learn and realize Dyslexia isn't a disability; rather, it is a person’s unique ability. Dyslexia is a common learning disorder that usually gets identified in children when they start school. 

This disorder makes it hard for them to read and write properly, but the good thing is that it provides them with the ability of intellectual thinking. You may not know, but a dyslexic child has a higher IQ compared to a kid without Dyslexia. But how to treat dyslexia?

What Does it Mean to Be Dyslexic?

It is difficult to understand what a dyslexic kid goes through, especially if you're not dyslexic and uneducated about it. The first and most common thing that distinguishes a dyslexic kid from others is their inability to read and write. 

A child with Dyslexia often takes a long time to read something, as the words appear jumbled up to them. Sometimes, they tend to read backward, and many go out of the phrase.

Dyslexic kids process different words, letters, directions, and sounds in a very different manner than other children. Hence, it takes a lot of time for them to understand and be patient with the person who's teaching or helping them. But, these kids are one of the most intelligent people you may come across. They have great knowledge about things such as world history, science, and arts that keeps boosting their intellectual skills. 

However, sometimes they are unable to use their tremendous knowledge due to their reading and writing disability, which also lowers their confidence and self-esteem. Dyslexic children can rebuild their self-belief if they get the right help through different learning programs for dyslexic kids.