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Facts about Drug Abuse

There are many types of drugs, illegal and prescription, which are more used and misused. These drugs can have an impact on people who abuse them. Drugs change the way the brain and people who use drugs regularly may never be fully recovering or repairing damage that occurs in the brain. That is why it is important to spread news about the dangers of drug use and addiction in the hope of preventing adolescents and teenagers from trying it from the start.

There are many signs why people choose to use drugs in the first place and the environment and social factors play a key role. People use drugs to escape from reality and feel good because they may have difficulty dealing with life like that.

Drug addiction


Chemicals found in many drugs that are misused by people like chemicals that we find in our brain. Receptors in our brain are attached to this chemical and that is what makes a person feel good. When dopamine is released in the brain it causes the person to feel good and happy. However, if the person is harassing the drug to release dopamine, the brain will have difficulty producing dopamine naturally without the help of drugs. This is how addiction begins and why the person feels the need to continue to use medicine to feel good.

Using drugs often literally will change the structure of the brain and the way it functions. This is why it is very important to stop the use of drugs before damage occurs and before drug use becomes obsessive.