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Facebook ChatBots: A New Customer Service Direction

A Messenger Bot is a pre-programmed conversational artificial intelligence system that will automatically chat with your consumers on your behalf, with the programmed responses to commonly asked questions. The chat can be as simple as guiding them to your website. Or it can be as intelligent as guiding them to the right product or even change their online reservation such as Marriot's Facebook Chatbot does. In this article, I will explain how and why the Chatbot from Marriot has such advanced features built-in.

This new Facebook Chatbot from Marriot really expands on the Messenger bot concept. Messenger bots were great for finding new customers. However, these same bots also took up much of your in-box space making it harder for you to actually read your messages.

The Facebook Chatbot from Marriot takes this functionality one step further. The chatbot will also deliver answers to the commonly asked questions by consumers such as, "What's the difference between the actual house cleaning company and a generic house cleaning company?" And the answer is the difference between Messenger ChatBots and standard online chats. You see, with a messenger chatbot, your chats are pre-written responses that are already formatted and optimized to be specific to the needs of the user. With a standard online chat, you're typically speaking to a random person and if you were chatting to your real customer, their specific needs would be much different. Therefore, the chat needs to be customized to the type of customer, the specific needs they might have, and specific language styles.

This new Facebook Messenger Bot also integrates with other popular ChatBots such as Kayak. The Facebook Chatbot can be used for inbound marketing as well as outbound marketing. When your customers use the ChatBots on their devices, it automatically sends messages to many of your social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. In fact, the ChatBots now works as an integrated resource for third party applications such as Kayak. With Kayak, you can now search for flights, explore real estate markets, search for properties based on zip codes, find hotels, find auto dealerships, check for fitness centers, find a doctor and medical spas, find restaurants, and more!

It is important to note that Facebook Chatbot does not replace any existing customer service representative or live human customer service agent. The ChatBot will never be able to perform a task that requires a live human customer service agent. However, the ChatBots can provide invaluable assistance to businesses and organizations that are in need of a more proactive approach to marketing, customer service, and live interactions.

The other major benefit of Facebook ChatBots is that they are very easy to program. Unlike most online chat programs, these bots can be written in C# and do not require programming skills in order to operate. You simply need to install the software and let it run by itself. In addition to being easy to install and operate, these bots can also be very flexible and give you the option to control what types of information they display to the user and how those details will be presented to the end-user.

One major area where Facebook Chatbot could really make a difference is in the area of e-commerce. Currently, e-commerce websites such as Overstock use chatbots for their customer service programs. If this software were designed specifically to handle customer service programs, then it would definitely have a distinct advantage over most of the other systems available currently. It would be able to provide a superior level of support for questions and problems that a regular human customer service representative might not be able to answer. Since chatbots are able to easily adapt to ever-changing situations, then the ability to adapt to the ever-changing needs of a website such as an Overstock could prove to be an important step forward when it comes to competing with other companies.

However, the biggest potential benefit to Facebook Chatbot lies in the area of customer service. Although it does not offer a built-in Q&A section, it does have a quick answer option feature that allows a user to input a text card and get a quick answer to a question. This could prove to be very useful if someone has a question about a product and wants a quick answer to that question. Rather than having to go through a long list of questions, they can put in a simple text card and get a quick response, which could mean the difference between making a sale and losing a sale.