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Comic Books Can Be For Professionals Too

The Golden age, Silver age, and Bronze age were the most prominent and successful periods of comic book history. You're all familiar with the old saying "What goes up must also come down." This also seemed to be true for the comics industry, which fell not only in the mid-1990s but was also hit with a crash. You can also buy french comics(also known as bd en franais in the French language) through many web sources.

The comic book industry has tried to regain its strength through comic 2 films. While this approach was successful for Spiderman, X-men, and Sin City, it could have been detrimental for other titles that failed at the Box office. This is why it isn't enough to bring about a rebirth of the comics industry. 

Frontline acquires Comag publishing division Gold Key Media

Accessibility was a major problem that caused the collapse of the comics business. This is no longer true, as comics are now being exposed through movies, animations, and the internet. Hence, why is the industry still in decline? Another question I have is why anime is so popular. Simple answer: anime has a better storyline, and it's made for a wider audience. Japanese comics come in graphic novels of 60 to 200 pages. It would be difficult to see comics as something that is only for children or the stupid.

There were many criticisms in the past about comics making readers lazy and degrading their reading skills. These criticisms led to the creation of comic codes. The parents believed the criticisms directed at comics but were not thrilled about their children reading these "picture book" books. Because picture books are for little children learning to read, I deliberately wrote "picture book".

Many of us were children when we read comics, but we feel closer to adulthood when we turn fourteen. We're teenagers, young adults. Anything that was associated with children, such as comics, had to go. We knew that we couldn't stop reading comics and dispose of them so we decided to read our comics privately. To make sure no one was referring to us as "childish", we even tried hiding the comic book in another schoolbook.