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Buy Professional Recording Microphones For Live Performance

The microphone is defined as a detector that converts sound into an electrical signal. They're used in various devices such as phones, tape recorders, and hearing aids. They are also used in motion picture production, live sound technology, and radio and tv broadcasts. Microphones are used for recording vocals in computers, and for non-acoustic purposes such as ultrasonic scanning. If you want to buy professional recording microphone online, visit GigaSonic website.


The basic function of a microphone is to catch sound waves and interpret them into electric signals. The regular signal present is triggered with the help of a thin membrane that produces some proportional electrical signal.

There are different types of microphones. Microphones used for live performances aren't those used in recording studios. Microphones can usually be split into two main categories. Condenser microphones operate when the diaphragm acts as a plate of a capacitor, and the vibration generates a change in the space between the plates.

Dynamic microphones, on the other hand, function in precisely the same way as loudspeakers, but just the reverse is true. As the diaphragm trembles, the coil moves in a magnetic field, which through electromagnetic induction produces another current in the coil.

A bass mic is a mic that has quite a large diaphragm. They usually work on the principle of dynamic microphones. They are typically employed in conditions that create very loud sound pressure levels and are extremely robust and have a substandard high-frequency response. They are generally found within the bass drum of a drum set in stone concerts.

Another microphone is a wireless mic, commonly used in various karaoke pubs and stage performances. These microphones are essentially the same as ordinary microphones, they only have one transmitter. The transmitter may be in the body of a handheld mic, for the larger size of a wireless mic, or within a separate belt-wearing pack. Wireless microphones typically transmit just one unique frequency per microsecond.

This switching can occur quite rapidly and is usually not noticeable. True diversity wireless systems are usually less sensitive to radio interference and interruptions than single-antenna systems.