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Biorepository Services For Your Clinical Trials

The data that lies within biological samples hold the keys to the success of a clinical trial. An important aspect is the collection of samples and their preservation for retesting at a future date.

Biological samples often experience a drop between the time of collection and the time of testing. Therefore, it is very important to have a storage process that will maintain sample integrity over time. Proper sample handling has a profound impact on the course and outcome of clinical studies.

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Finding the right service provider

When selecting a biorepository service provider, it is important to establish that they have:

Monitoring/alert services: Timely communication and 24/7 monitoring are of the essence when dealing with biological samples. You need to be alerted immediately if there is a problem with a sample or the logistics of the sample.

Backup plan: Your samples need to be safe at all times, so having a full contingency plan is crucial. Sample and data loss can be avoided by implementing an efficient backup storage/system powered by emergency backup generators.

Experience: Extensive knowledge of identifying, storing, collecting, and distributing biospecimens over time for different clinical trials worldwide is key.

High-quality biorepository practices are required to guarantee the integrity and quality of the samples while providing a cost-efficient solution that supports your clinical trial.