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An Overview of Pure PRP in NJ

Several authors have tried to characterize and classify the various techniques available on the market in terms of preparation, content, and applications. Although the literature about PRPs developed with all these contradictions, the need for a standardized terminology is of great importance.

Thus, some classifications have been proposed to achieve a consensus terminology in the field of platelet concentrates. Characterizing the type of PRP used will lead to a better understanding of PRP, and the data available will be easier to sort and interpret. Furthermore, this terminology would serve as a basis for further research on the topic.

1. Pure PRP or leucocyte-poor PRP

The preparation obtained is without leucocytes and shows a low-density fibrin network after activation. You can buy EmCyte PRP kits for sale from #1 PRP Kit Suppliers in New Jersey for pure PRP extraction.

2. Leucocyte and PRP

The preparations contain leucocytes and show a low-density fibrin network after activation.

3. Pure PRF or leucocyte-poor PRF

Preparations are made without leucocytes and with a high-density fibrin network. Unlike pure PRP or PRP-containing leukocytes, these products cannot be injected and exist in an activated gel form.

4. Leucocyte-rich fibrin and PRF

Products are prepared with leucocytes and with a high-density fibrin network.

Another classification proposed based on the presence or absence of white blood cells, activation status, and platelet concentration, based on the coefficients of an increase in the platelet and leukocyte concentration in PRP compared to the whole-blood baseline, as well as on PRP activation.

The classifications were not consensual and there is still the intent to search a classification for PRP that could characterize the injected PRP in order to compare the efficacy of different studies.