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All About Watch Band Size

The size of the bracelet or watch strap is determined by the width of the end of the strap attached to the watch. Watches come in a variety of sizes, so strap widths may vary. Continue reading to know about watch strap (In Norwegian “Klokkeremmer”) size.

How to find your watch strap size:

If you already have a leather strap for the watch in question, you can check the back to see if there are any traces of the size indicated in millimeters.

klokkerem p nett

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Otherwise, you need to find the width of your watch ear, which is the distance between the inside of the ear of the watch head.

Digital Calipers:

This is the most accurate method. To use it, place the caliper in the space between the ears and expand it to find the correct size.

Roundness: As a rule of thumb for replacement bands, it's better to be tight than loose. If you need to round up your measurements, rounding is usually your best bet, as leather, rubber, or nylon straps can have a little flexibility to fit.

How to find your watch length:

Use the existing leather watch belt:

If you have a leather strap that fits your watch, measure it with a ruler to determine the length. When measuring, measure only the leather part of the strap, do not open the latch.

Finding the length from scratch

Find your wrist size by wrapping a tape measure or strap around your wrist. Mark where the ends meet, then place the thread on the board on a ruler and measure the distance.