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All About The Cement Industries

There have been many great contributions made by the Cement Industry as a whole, for their continued efforts to discover new environmentally safe and sound options in the creating and processing of cement materials.

The one company that stood out the most, bringing home 3 awards in different divisions of its company. You can also get information about cement terminal service via the web.

Gaza Needs to Rebuild

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A focal point of the project was the planting of a variety of crops and the harvesting of others for use in promising trials to find a renewable and sustainable biomass source.

Kiln operations were drastically improved after the installation of a new blower technology, and cement kiln dust has almost been eliminated during production. Topping off their impressive list of accomplishments was the planting of 3,000 trees on their plant property for habitat restoration. 

The project was also designed to promote education and the importance of climate change by including the community and enrolling the help of local scouts, scout leaders, and parents.

Fuel derived from tires is often done by utilizing old used and broken tires; the Tulsa facility took this concept one step further and joined with Goodyear to recycle the waste that is procured from the tire manufacturing industry into the kiln cement manufacturing industry. Their recognized accomplishments include some newly installed and highly efficient equipment.